Saddle Mountain Mutual Water Company

Reba Fertitta

Gary Englebright

Ron Osborn

Brian Bertrand

Directors are elected by the shareholders at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders (generally the last Saturday of April) and serve a 3-year term.  Officers are elected by the Board of Directors annually.   The Bylaws of the company allow for four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and up to seven directors.   All officers and directors are volunteers and own property in one of the three subdivisions covered by the augmentation plan.   If you are a member of SMMWC and would be interested in serving as either an officer and/or director, please contact the company at or 719-581-2174.

Current officer and directors are:

Reba Fertitta, President

Ron Osborn, Vice President

Brian Bertrand, Secretary/Treasurer


Officers and Directors